Academic Training Sessions

These training sessions provide the key to complete general courses in order to address the scientific and technical knowledge in the GNSS field.

Tailored Training Sessions

These training sessions are built in close cooperation with clients in order to focus technical requirements identified. The programs are determined through intermediate and final contractual objectives.

SPRING Training Sessions

This training is dedicated to the « SPRING Software » in order to take advantage of all the functionalities available within this powerful simulation fools. This software enables to determine expected GNSS performances by carrying out accurate and reliable computations. The analysed environmental configurations can be simple or very complex. 3D virtuals scenes can be implemented to assess outcomes by considering the obstructions, multipaths and diffraction effects.

EGNSS for ITS Applications
The Jupiter project will offer a one-day training session tailored for ITS application developers. The training will provide an overview on the most relevant aspects of European GNSS – EGNSS technology. The focus will be on the new European satellite navigation system Galileo, on the EGNOS augmentation system and on the impact of satellite navigation technology on the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) domain including its evolution.

The Jupiter training sessions will be provided by GNSS experts from some of the most relevant competence centres on GNSS technology in Europe: Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (Italy), GNSS Usage Innovation and Development of Excellence (France), Thales Alenia Space France (France). All the experts have a strong background both from the scientific and industrial point of view and will explain how GNSS and EGNSS technologies will improve the way ITS developers create and manage ITS applications.

Geolocation and Precision Farming

This training had been organized to provide an overview about the needs, the specificities and the solutions related to the geolocation within the precision farming sector. 230 people attended this session.