ITS World october 5-9th, we’ll be there !




Come to see us on SPACE FOR ITS’ Booth D17 during ITS World in Bordeaux.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), are key for future developments.
ITS area will give rise to new services where accuracy and integrity of geolocation informations become strategic components for many applications.
GUIDE organizes affordable tests campaigns in order to facilitate the development of on board geolocation systems in the vehicle.
ITS applications cover all modes of transportation and provide a wide range of services:
• in the management of road, rail, air, waterborne and urban traffic (advanced information for users; traffic control; incident management; navigation, surveillance and guidance; vehicle safety and control systems;
• in electronic payment and enforcement of regulations (Ecotaxe, MYTO, LKW Maut);
• in the management of public transportation, freight movements and others fleet applications; ITS have strong social implications and will increasingly contribute to road safety policies, monitoring, energy saving, conservation of the environment and more generally sustainable development.

GUIDE is specially equipped to test the toughest GNSS solutions (Hardware, Algorithms, Receivers, Systems), either by simulation in the laboratory or live testing in real situations: urban areas, roads, rail, in the water, in the air. GUIDE pools the collective know-now of all its members to provide the best expertise in response to customers’ expectations. The founding members are all recognised GNSS specialists.

Full knowledge of these data will provide to solutions developers new market opportunities.


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